Basic instructions STOP-DIRT on the sales package of the product

Stop-Dirt is designed to: Create a protective layer that reduces the mud adhesion. It also facilitates washing, protects and preserves surfaces, especially off-road, racing machines. Designed for MOTO-CYCLO-AUTO.

Composition: Emulsions of polysiloxanes dissolved in water with additives.

Instructions: 1) Apply this preparation to the clean surface by means of a brush, a spray or a clean cotton cloth. Stop-Dirt is recommended to be diluted as needed with clean water. 2) Apply Stop-Dirt to required areas until the surface is covered with a compact layer. 3) If you apply more layers, ideally let each layer set to touch for a few minutes to get the best result.

N o t i c e : Do not use the product where you need a good grip (saddle, grips, legs, etc.). The consistence of this preparation is very slippery.

Advantages: Simple application, excellent surface protection, high durability, excellent slip, high film durability, water-dilutable, environmentally friendly, safe use.

Storage: Store in a dry place at temperatures above + 5 ° C. The packaging that was once opened should be carefully closed again.

Disposal: Empty containers and containers with the remainder of the product should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations as hazardous waste within industrial waste or municipal waste.

Protection: Apply in gloves and ideally with eye protection.

First Aid: No special measures are required. After inhalation: Ensure fresh air supply, seek medical care if symptoms persist. After skin contact: Wash with water. After eye contact: Flush the open eye for several minutes under running water, seek a doctor if symptoms persist. After swallowing: Drink 2 dcl of water, induce vomiting and in case of any difficulties seek medical care. Safety data sheet is available at:

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